This page will list all the services that I'm able to offer, including a brief explaining description.

1. Websites realization

Service includes the realization of static websites or web-application, fully customized or trough the use of specialized tools such as WordPress or Prestashop. If required, the site will be developed according to the RWD criteria, making it fully compatible and optimized to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. Optionally, I'll also open the required domain to host the site, as well as positioning it in major search engines.

2. Websites management

Existing websites, created by me or by third parties, are managed and maintained to ensure upgrading and operativity at the state of art.

3. Realization of hybrid apps for smartphones and tablets

An "hybrid application", is an application written in non native code that can be executed on the now existing major operating systems for smartphone and tablets (Android, iOS, Blackberry, ecc...). I therefore realize fully customized applications and developed on the individual requirements of each customer.

4. Realization of native apps for Android smartphones and tablets

Unlike the hybrid applications, the native ones can be used, although with greater efficiency, ONLY on the platform for which they were designed, in this case Google Android. As with the previous point, the applications created are completely customized and developed on the individual requirements of each customer.

5. Formatting and reconfiguration of personal computers with Windows operative system

Formattings of desktop PCs and/or laptops are performed, with consequent reconfiguration of the operating system, drivers and applicative softwares. If required, in the same time is also offered the service of saving datas indicated by the user and the subsequent restoration of them on the formatted machine.

N.B.: the operating system and applicative softwares to be restored after formatting, must be indicated and provided by the customer.

6. Assembly and configuration of desktop PCs

Desktop computers (not laptops) are assembled. Optionally, is also offered the machine configuration service, comprehensive of the installation of operating system (only Windows), drivers and applicative softwares. For more details, please refer to the previous point.

N.B.: the purchase of components to be assembled, is reserved exclusively to the customer.



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